EV Tyre repair

Most EVs don’t include a spare tyre, but are instead supplied with a canister of sealant and an air compressor.

The videos below explain how to repair a punctured tyre using the sealant and compressor.

If you have a slow leak, caused by a screw or nail in the tyre, you may be able to use the compressor to re-inflate the tyre and have it repaired, without using the sealant. (A new sealant canister costs around $60, and use of the sealant may require the tyre being to be replaced.)

MG ZS EV – Official MG Video

Roadside assistance – 1800 MG CARS (1800 64 2277)

MG ZS EV – Jerry Pan

A little more detail on the puncture repair process using the compressor and sealant canister.

ContiRepair Kit (For Continental Tyres)