Nissan to start rolling out solid-state battery EVs from 2028

Nissan solid state batteryNissan says it is on track to launch its first production electric car powered by its pioneering solid-state batteries in 2028 following real-world trials in 2026.

Nissan said it first began experimenting with the ground-breaking battery technology back in 2018 and says it has already shown off its new state-of-the-art production facility where the batteries will begin being made as soon as this year.

Regarded as both the holy grail of battery tech and the final piece of the puzzle that will allow the full transition from combustion to all-electric cars, Nissan’s solid-state batteries are at least 50 per cent more energy-dense, compared to traditional cells, while being capable of being charged more than three times as fast.

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Breakthrough Chinese LFP battery can add 600km of range in just 10 minutes

Chinese battery presentationChinese battery-making giant CATL has launched its new Shenxing Plus battery at the Beijing motor show claiming it’s capable of adding as much as 600km of range after a short 10-minute charge and delivering a driving range of more than 1000km.

Impressively, CATL says both those figures are achieved using the cheaper, more stable lithium iron phosphate chemistry (LFP), with the CATL Shenxing Plus battery outperforming many more expensive nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) cells.

The battery is claimed to be both lighter and more stable in extreme charge/discharge scenarios, which means it’s safer too.

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